Disaster Recovery – Essential not an Option

With businesses under increasing attack from cyber criminals, it is more important than ever that you have worked out how to avoid disaster for your organisation.

How would you cope if your data was encrypted or lost?

No customer information? No idea how much money you owe or are owed? Or what sales orders are yet to be fulfilled?

Do you appreciate how much damage there can be to the reputation, sales and finances of a business which has been subject to a cyber attack?

And how many businesses have had to close down as a result?

So, if the unthinkable should happen, do you have a coherent plan in place to help you recover as quickly as possible?

The short video below explains how it can happen, the impact on your business, how to assess your most effective response and how to implement it.


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Post by Bob Potter

I am passionate about empowering the team to absorb the daily challenges clients may face to keep their systems running reliably and efficiently. I gain real satisfaction from a job well done.