Do you need to set up your team to work remotely?

Coronavirus: Are SMEs ready for home working?

Few could have predicted that COVID-19 ( Coronavirus) would bring countries to a standstill. With the UK set to close schools and the pressure to increase social distancing for the remainder of the year, both employers and employees are looking for a new way of working.

Many businesses can survive the pending crisis, however, with the need to protect both staff and customers – remote working is the only way to keep these businesses moving.

But not every business is ready

Not all companies use laptops or promote remote working.

There are still organisations who rely on desktop PCs and internal servers to run their systems.

Often legacy software is stored on servers which sit behind secure firewalls – to prepare for remote working, these companies need to act fast.

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Top 5 things you need to consider to get staff working remotely

Laptop or PC?

Setting your team up remotely may mean you need to purchase laptops or other IT equipment – popping down to your local store isn’t necessarily the best first choice.  B2B (Business to Business) requirements could be completely different to what you would use a home computer for.  Ensuring the correct software licensing and hardware specifications is crucial to ensure your teams don’t end up “waiting” for their computer to come to life before they can begin working.

At Turnkey, we can advise you on the best hardware options for your team. From helping you understand what RAM to CORE processors actually mean and why it’s important – we can help. Not only that, we can order, set up and deliver your kit to your teams’ home or office locations.


Otherwise known as a Virtual Private Network. Using a VPN means your team can access the physical server in your office from anywhere. You need to ensure this connection is secure so there is no risk of data breaches or hacks.  Put simply, at its core, every VPN is essentially a tunnel; in fact, they’re often described using that word. The data transferred within the “tunnel” between the server and home office is encrypted to ensure a safe and secure transaction.

With nearly 40 years’ experience helping our clients set up, move office and expand we’re well placed to build a platform for your success.

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Worried about work PCs being offsite?  We’ve got you covered. Having a trusted anti-virus software solution installed on every PC and laptop helps your team know they are protected from spam and phishing emails.

We only recommend solutions that are reliable and thoroughly tested. Our team can advise you on best practice guidance on security threats and educate the team and minimise your vulnerability to attack.

What if a team member accidentally leaves their laptop on the train? Encrypting the data on your PCs and laptops makes it easy for you to ensure there is no data loss should this happen. Having this functionality helps to demonstrate any corrective actions required in line with the GDPR should this be required.

Virtual meetings

Microsoft have already reported an increase of over 40% in usage of their sharing platform Teams, totaling 44 million users. Microsoft Teams is free to install and use. Using video is a great way to stay in touch with your team, and your customers. There are many cloud options to achieve this including Slack, Skype (moving to Teams), Zoom, GotoMeeting and many more.

At Turnkey, we have recently migrated to a cloud telecoms service which means our team can take calls from anywhere! We’ve also removed all desk phones from our office completely! Voice over Internet Protocol, also called IP telephony, is a method and group of technologies for the delivery of voice communications and multimedia sessions over Internet Protocol networks, such as the Internet.


Keeping in touch is a must when remote working, especially if team members live alone. Remote working can be lonely and isolating.  Having a daily “huddle” or video call is a great way to start your day. Staff get the chance to talk about priorities for the day, highlight any concerns, and most importantly how they are feeling.

Remote working has been a common factor for many years at Turnkey, we’ve got lots of tips on how to set up different channels of communication, from chat to video to using other cloud tools to manage tasks and priorities – talk to us today if you want to know more.

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