Disaster Management BEFORE the Disaster!

Would you like a service like this?

Would you prefer that your IT Systems were being cared for in a way that meant you would enjoy 99% up time and virtually zero data losses?


Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions in Partnership with GFI MAX provides such a solution.


GFIMAX remote management

This quote from Donald Rumsfeld (United States Secretary of Defense 2001-2006) is not as crazy as it reads:

 “there are no ‘knowns.’ There are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say there are things that we now know we don’t know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we do not know we don’t know.”


divert crisis controler

The very definition of ‘Risk Management’ is categorised by three treatments of risk:

  1. Insure it
  2. Avoid it
  3. Transfer it

Our platform does all three.

Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions is on duty 24 hours a day 7 days a week and 365 days a year, or at least our Monitoring Management system is, and it is monitoring the critical elements of your system to proactively AVOID problems.


mr fix it

We use GFI MAX software as the backbone of the Turnkey IS Helpdesk, and we have built a platform that we know provides the protection and response our clients need. We are monitoring aspects of your system that you probably were not even aware mattered. We are performing a tailored list of checks from a very large subset every 15 minutes on many of these services and more:


Bandwidth Monitoring

Ensuring there is sufficient bandwidth to run efficiently particularly in pertinent to Cloud Services. Can also be used to internally monitor switches to make sure no one entity is slowing the network

Disk Space

Disk Management looking for deterioration in space which might affect the performance of the system

Event Log

Looks for any specified critical event such as Exchange Services going down, failed logins (a sign of hacking), disk errors and much more

File Size Check

Looks at specific files and folders to ensure that file growth does not start eating disk space, potentially logging a hardware event or a hack, user events such as backing –up of photos or backups of programme’s such as NAV

Performance Monitoring

CPU Performance, memory use and disk activity are monitored

PING Check

This ensures that a machine which requires to be online constantly remains available (i.e. a monitoring machine or email server)

SNMP Check

Checks UPS, Battery Backup, Hard Drive Checks (particularly servers – reporting its health or degradation) – can check Raid Array (setup of Disks) if one or more is down

Web Page Check

Checks if a web server is functioning correctly, ensuring continuous up time of the web space

Windows Server Check

Checking all of the services from Windows are functioning properly (Exchange Server, SQL  Server, Anti-virus)


All of the above can be undertaken for:


  • Servers and workstations
  • Mobile Devices (discerns between Company and Personal Devices)
    •  Setting up systems and PC’s remotely
    • Wipe devices remotely
    • Location Tracking
    • Apps loaded
    • Device (asset) details
  • Cloud Services
    • GoogleApps
    • Office 365

The beauty of the GFI MAX software is that it is mobile optimised so that both we (and you) can see the health of your system at all times, and can react if there are any alerts. The real time benefit of this is that any specified event, many of which are not system critical, can trigger a failure when combined with other factors, can be monitored and combined into alerts which cover a multitude of scenarios.


GFI MAX software mobile management

Finally, the visual nature of the platform, means that we can monitor and care for numerous systems from a single dashboard. The system itself once programmed with the critical parameters, takes a constant look at the health of a system and reports in ‘real-time’ so that we are aware of and can react to potential failures.


GFI MAX software dashboard

The multitude of factors which can be included, can also look for a range of business critical elements, particularly ensuring that all the necessary protections remain in place to prevent SPAM, Malware or Hacking. These can be seen in the Dashboard above, system critical parameters such as:


Software Updates

Ensures that all systems have the latest software ensuring the correct anti-virus protections, as well as ensuring the optimum efficiency of staff

Firewall Issues

Monitors the protection of your environment

Credentials Setup

Ensures that all users credentials are up to date and that password changes are being implemented

Service Pack Updates

Ensures that the latest SP Updates are implemented

Unauthorised Application Installation

Prevents the installation of software that creates either a malware or virus breach, but also prevents security breaches where data confidentiality is required

Malware Protection

Ensures the latest Malware protection is in place


Continuously monitors for known vulnerabilities working hand-in-glove with the anti-virus software

Audit Status

Ensures that systems are demonstrably compliant


Other significant advantages include:


  • Managed Anti-virus
  • Managed Cloud Backup
  • Significant Reporting Capability
    •   Weekly, monthly or another schedule
  • Remote Background – seamlessly connect to remote server or workstations (open a DOS window in the background)
  •  Means that remote fault fixing can happen in the background without interfering with ongoing work
  • Asset Inventory Tracking
    • Operating System
    • Software Installation
    •  Disk Size
  • Remote Access and integrates with TeamViewer
    • Allows control of system remotely


Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions are your proactive IT Paramedics, and we are likely to arrive before you call us, fix your problems without your intervention and ensure your system maintains absolute performance.


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