According to a recent survey by the Federation of Small Businesses, the coronavirus pandemic has seen many businesses adopting new technology quicker than they had planned to.

COVID-19 has simply accelerated the need for cloud technology across many sectors – driving Digital transformation as a result.

What does Digital Transformation mean for your business?

The term digital transformation has been around for a while, embracing this drive for change can be a challenge. Transforming the way you work is not a simple process. It encompasses every element within your business including:

  • Migrating from on-premises systems to the cloud
  • Upgrading financial and operational software
  • Using new technology to improve customer experience
  • Creating a more dynamic and flexible working environment

In a previous post, we discussed “how to set up remote working for your team”, as many businesses had to adapt quickly when the lockdown measures came into play, this departure from the previous “normal” may be the first significant step on the path to digital transformation.

IT security for business

With an increased workforce working remotely Cybersecurity and the need to keep your company data secure are high on the digital transformation list.

At Turnkey, we’ve partnered with ESET to bring you the options to suit your business, such as:

  • Endpoint security
  • Server security
  • Remote management
  • Threat analysis
  • Data & Network security
  • Authentication
Eset and Turnkey

Treating the new normal as an opportunity

A successful digital transformation project requires C-level support, change management skills, and an agile spirit. If your team were able to work remotely, quickly under the COVID restrictions, then you have already made great leaps in starting this journey. A quick start plan could include:

  1. Start with buy-in and commitment from C-level leaders
  2. Identify projects to build momentum with small wins
  3. Communicate often with everyone, not just digital leaders
  4. Shift your firm’s relationship with digital
  5. Hire people who can help you embrace change
  6. Create team champions to help drive internal process improvements

Partnering with Turnkey Infrastructure Solutions to start your IT transformation journey, means our team can guide you on best practices to suit your business. Get in touch to arrange an initial call to explore how we can help.

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Post by Sooz Kinsella

Sooz has worked at the core of innovation in software technology for over 20 years. Her passion lies in delivering great customer journeys and automating processes.